Released August 2008, The Passion Of Tasha Darsky is the paperback version of Overture.
The Music Inspired by the Book
Three musicians—Sonya Chung, Nicholas Weiss, and Benjamin Morison—create the music that is described in the book.


Yael Goldstein is a writer of great emotional precocity...The relationships she has created are genuinely affecting and complex...Overture shows signs of brooding genius. —The New York Times Book Review
[a work of] fiction deeply involved with intellect and ideas, warmed by sensitevely delineated emothion and propelled by strong storytelling. Overture establishes Yael Goldstein as a writer with a distinctive voice of her own. —The Los Angeles Times
Overture is nothing short of magnificent. —Charleston Post and Courier
Yael Goldstein offers us an exploration of the intense passions and pains of creativity...The writing is smooth and supple, enticing you into the stroy and easily persuading you to read every word. —San Francisco Chronicle


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