(previously titled Overture)

Natasha Darsky, world-renowned violinist, lights an erotic fire under every piece of music she plays, telling each composer's story in a singularly sensuous way. Now she's telling her own story, one of a life lived passionately, and passions fought for fiercely. As she stares down the mistakes she's made on her single-minded march toward artistic immortality, she allows us to fall in love with the host of unforgettable characters she only wishes she'd loved better: her fragile, brilliant daughter; her manic, fame-obsessed parents; a Polish filmmaker who believes he's sold his country for his art; and the beautiful, half-mad composer who haunts all of their lives in ways they hardly guess.

The Passion of Tasha Darksy draws readers into the glamorous and competitive world of classical music, capturing its harsh demands and its magical power to move performers and audiences alike. Written in a prose, "that approaches music itself,"* Yael Goldstein Love offers a sweeping tale of female ambition, unflinchingly rendered in all its danger, confusion, and passion.

* Emily Raboteau, author of The Professor's Daughter


[A work of] fiction deeply involved with intellect and ideas, warmed by sensitively delineated emotions and propelled by strong storytelling. Overture establishes Yael Goldstein as a writer with a distinctive voice of her own.
—The Los Angeles Times


Released August 2008, The Passion Of Tasha Darsky is the paperback version of Overture.
The Music Inspired by the Book
Three musicians—Sonya Chung, Nicholas Weiss, and Benjamin Morison—create the music that is described in the book.